1. Always follow, in every way, the rehearsal production plan.
  2. Always remain in the rehearsal space or the theatre until you are released by the director or stage manager.
  3. Stay out of the view of an audience member except in the execution of the play.
  4. Never peer at the audience while on or off stage. If you can see the audience, they can see you.
  5. Only handle weapons in the execution of your assignment.
  6. Actors waiting for an entrance are to be left alone.
  7. Lighting, sound or stage equipment is left untouched except in the performance of your duty.
  8. Food, drinks or gum are not brought into the theatre.
  9. Follow the rehearsed curtain call procedure. All illusion you have been able to create will be destroyed if the audience is addressed.
  10. Always enter the stage area from backstage before; during, or after a performance while audience members are in the theatre.
  11. Always make your entrance.
  12. Always make your call.
  13. Receive guests only after make-up and costume have been removed.
  14. Aiways remain in the theatre while in any part of costume or make-up.
  15. Follow the authority of the stage manager.
  16. Follow school and company regulations concerning smoking,
  17. Never write on a piece of scenery, on a piece of stage equipment or on the walls of the theatre.
  18. Always keep your academic standing while working with the added responsibility of rehearsals and performance.
  19. Dishes used in Green Room must be washed